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Planting and Irrigation Guide

Roots Plus Growers Planting and Pruning Cue Cards

As a member of Root Plus Growers, we can provide you with educational resources on planting and caring for your tree. Here are two handy references on planting and pruning your tree that will help you protect your investment. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to either view or download these cue cards:

Irrigation for Tree Establishment

Size of Tree Schedule for Vigor Schedule for Survival
> 2 inch caliper Daily for 2 weeks; Every other day for 2 months; weekly until established Twice weekly for
2-3 months
>2-4 inch caliper Daily for 1 month; Every other day for 3 months; weekly until established Twice weekly for
3-4 months
> 4-8 inch caliper Daily for 6 weeks; Every other day for 5 months; weekly until established Twice weekly for
4-5 months

1. Delete daily irrigation when planting in winter. Irrigation frequency can be reduced slightly(e.g. 2-3 times each week instead of every other day) when planting hardened-off, field-grown trees that were root-pruned during production. Establishment takes 3 to 4 months per inch trunk caliper.

2. During each irrigation, apply to the root ball 4 gallons per caliper inch. Apply it in a manner so all water soaks into the root ball. Do not water if root ball is wet or saturated on the irrigation day.

3. During drought periods, or any long lasting weather extreme, trees will take much longer to establish than 3-4 months per inch trunk caliper. In the case of drought, irrigate through the following summer.