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Cedrus Deodara 'Patti Faye'

Cedrus Deodara -Patti Faye-

The magnificent Cedrus Deodara ‘Patti Faye’ is a cultivar that has a distinct ‘blue’ color and even more so when it flushes. Unlike other ‘blue’ deodaras, which are tall and usually narrow, this one almost resembles a Christmas tree. It is pyramidal in shape with green needles and graceful branching. They can grow up to 40’ – 60’ tall and can have up to 20’- 30’ in width. The trunk and branches are breakage resistant. Also known as the Himalayan Cedar, it does best in full sun and can handle most soil types but prefers good drainage.

The name Cedrus comes from Kedros, the ancient Greek word given to a resinous tree. The Sanskrit name, Devadaru, can be translated to mean “Tree of the Gods”! Use this tree to create a heavenly landscape unique in Florida.

Our beautiful Cedrus Deodara ‘Patti Faye’s have been used at Disney World and Universal Studios. A very unique and different tree, this evergreen is a standout in any landscape. We are the only grower in the state of Florida that has these trees available up to 30’ tall and all grown in Florida sandy soil.

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