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Make Live Oaks a Beautiful Part of Your Landscape

Cathedral Live Oaks

Live Oaks are one of the most popular trees throughout the southern part of the United States. A favorite of developers, landscape artists and homeowners alike, this magnificent evergreen tree provides beauty and wonderful shade. When fully grown Live Oak trees can reach 60’ in height and have a canopy of over 120 feet. Live Oaks are very adaptable, thriving in most types of soils, in moist to even drought conditions and they are also pest resistant. Live Oaks have a long life span relative to most other trees and a rapid growth rate.

Nature Coast Tree Corp carries two main species of Live Oaks: the Southern or Standard Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana) and the cultivar Cathedral Live Oak ( Quercus Virginiana ‘SDLN’), which means it was cultivated from one Live Oak tree with beautiful shape, straight trunks, dense, upward branching.

Strong and majestic, the hardy Live Oak continues to be the choice for shade and beauty.

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