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Here are some frequently asked questions about ordering:

Q. I’m not a landscaper or developer. Can anyone buy from Nature Coast Tree Corp?

A. Nature Coast Tree Corp is happy to sell to consumers or to businesses large and small. Everyone can take advantage of our great pricing. If you are new to planting trees or unsure of which tree to buy, give us a call at 386-935-9349.

Q. Where do you ship or deliver your trees?

A. We don’t ship directly, but we can arrange shipping for you and help you search for the best delivery price.

Q. Can I come and see the trees that you have for sale or pick up my trees?

A. We’re happy to give you a tour of our farm on the Nature Coast and show you the wonderful trees that we grow. We’ll also help you select tree that’s right for you. You can also pick up your trees if that’s more convenient for you, but keep in mind that some of the trees we sell can be large, so you’ll need an adequate way to transport them. Just call 386-935-9349 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll advise you on the best way to get your trees.

Q. I’ve never really bought or planted trees before. Where can I get help for buying or caring for trees?

A. On this site you’ll find practical guides for buying and caring for your trees. We also have cue cards you can download from the Root Plus Growers Association, of which we are a member. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these handy reference cards.

Q. Do you take credit cards?

A. Yes. For your shopping convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

Q. Can you plant my trees for me?

A. Although we will deliver your trees, planting is not a service that we normally provide. We can recommend a list of landscapers to you that can professionally plant your trees and arrange your landscape.

Q. I won’t be planting my trees for a few months. Can I reserve my trees now?

A. Yes, you can reserve your trees for a specified delivery time with a contract and deposit. Call us at 386-935-9349 to reserve your trees and arrange a delivery date.

Q. What if my project gets delayed. Can I change my delivery date?

A. Of course. We realize that sometimes schedules change, especially when you need to coordinate with contractors and landscapers. We do ask that you give us adequate notice prior to your shipping or delivery. This usually means at least four days notice. The best thing to do is to call us as soon as you think there might be a change in schedule.

Q. How do I know your trees are quality trees, do you offer any guarantees?

A. As a member of the Root Plus Growers Association, our trees are held to the highest standards in growing trees and preparing them for transplant into your landscape. Our trees are watered, fertilized, pruned and root pruned, all to produce a superior root system. In addition, all of our trees are “hardened off” which means they are held until new roots are grown, ensuring success in your landscape. We also grow our trees in a way to avoid many growth and disease problems. Once in your landscape, the information in our care guide and cue cards will help ensure that your tree thrives and is healthy for years to come. However we can’t guarantee all outcomes, because once the trees are in your landscape there are many factors beyond our control.

Q. Once my tree is delivered, how long does it take for it to “take” or be established in its new environment of home?

A. Generally, for most trees and locations, it takes about three months for each inch in diameter of the trunk, so a tree with a diameter of three inches would need about 9 months to take. You can get more information in the RPG Cue Cards or and in our tree care guides, or simply call us at 386-935-9349.