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About Our Company

Deborah Tarantino and her husband, Dick, opened Nature Coast Tree Corp in 1999 with a vision to provide a product and service that would result in beautifying the earth, pleasing people and adding a benefit to the environment. Thus our tree farm was born!

Being fortunate enough to have hired a top notch grower with over 30 years experience in the Horticulture industry they learned literally from the ground up.

They were also starting when new and exciting things were changing in the market like cultivar Live Oaks, new growing techniques and organizations forming. Very early on they realized the value of becoming a Roots Plus Grower; an organization systemizing the handling of roots and trees grown in the ground and put into baskets. That group tirelessly informed, taught and nurtured the industry through all day workshops annually.

Nature Coast Tree Corp. was one of the earliest growers to have the Cathedral Live Oak, a beautiful Live Oak originated in Penny Farms, Florida and became one of the very first patented cultivars. The cathedral with its dark green leaves, natural straight trunk and leader has become a top tree sought after by Landscape architects throughout the years.

When Nature coast tree corp was beginning to expand beyond just Live Oaks and started growing several other ornamentals, Deborah suddenly lost her husband in 2007. Through diligent perseverance and hard work, today Nature Coast Tree Corp has ventured out to include containers as well as field grown varieties and now has over 35 species of trees and shrubs from the small 15 gallon to full grown mature sizes.

Deborah is now a licensed ‘Woman Owned Business’ and welcomes all who are interested in quality trees and shrubs for the landscaping needs.